22 in 2

Early Saturday morning of the long weekend I found myself driving to St.Luke's hospital. I was going there to have a doc look at my cholesterol levels and possibly give me a prescription to normalize it.

I arrived just about 10mins before 8am so I thought I was just in time. When I finally reached the Medicard office about 10 people were already waiting in line. It took me only about 10 minutes to wait until one of the doctors by the name of Dr. Bumatay called me in.

He looked at my test-results and after a few "aahhs" he said, "Since 34 ka pa naman daanin na muna naten sa diet and exercise."

What? No prescription?

Yup, no drugs. I was still young as the doctor said. So he asked me to seriously look into dieting and exercise for about 2 months. Afterwhich, I'll see him again and have my blood taken for another cholesterol reading. Hopefully it will be all normal by then.

"So fish, fruits, and vegetables ka muna," he said.

"Doc pwede ba yung baboy na may sabaw, gaya nung sinigang?"

He shook his head, "Aahhh, hindi."

Well I guess this had to happen to motivate me in getting back in shape. I need to lose 22lbs to get back to my normal BMI level ---in TWO months.

Oh man, this is gonna be tough. Well, we will all find out the outcome when I meet the good doctor on June 5th.

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