Major Alarm

Working with different telco systems most of my career, I can say that the alarm monitoring features of these systems often fall in 3 categories:


This week I was able to get a Major Alarm. No, not of any of the systems I'm handling. But that of my body. Yesterday morning I was able to grab hold of the results for my Annual Physical Exams. Most of the tests were normal except for the blood test which yielded the following results:

A major alarm indeed. I guess if I want something to "inspire" my weight-loss goal, THIS should be it. No more dilly-dallying. I'd better do something ---and NOW.

My next step would be to make a follow-up session with a doctor on these readings. At least he can guide me on how to normalize the HDLs and LDLs.

At the side of all this worry is the missus. She too received her APE results. Thankfully, all her readings are normal. It even made me wonder if the examiner had mistakenly swapped her blood sample with mine, producing interchanged readings on both of our APEs in the process.

She obviously was grateful for the test results so much so that she munched a lot of lechon manok, lechon baboy, siomai, rice, and ensaymada earlier at the dinner table.

Palagay ko nagkapalit talaga eh.

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