Appeal for Homeless Football Team

Guys, I'm asking that you give your support for this. Thanks!


To all my friends,

I email you regarding a 'football project' that i have.

It's a big international event and it is for homeless people. We entered a team of streetchildren from Tuloy sa Don Bosco street childrens village and Nayon ng Kabataan (DSWD). They will be our Team Philippines.

Attached is a print ad that will come out in the Philippine Daily Inquirer this weekend. I send it to you in advance hoping that you can pass it on to some friends who may like to participate in the spirit of cheerful giving.

We remain short of funds and are looking for people who want to be a blessing in any of these streetchildren's lives. I strive daily and in every way to find 'Ninongs' (Godfathers) whoare willing to contribute Php 50,000 for a child. Thus far, we have been blessed by several friends.

And for those who can afford less but have opened their wallets, their donations of Php 1,000, php 5,000, php 10,000, php 20,000 have all been a tremendous boost to this project.

The potential of this international event to bring joy and dignity to the lives of our homeless youth is enormous, thus, I have made it my mission to give them the opportunity to become their personal best.

And so, with 8 days to go before the team's departure for the competition (the team leaves for Melbourne on Nov 27), I continue to seek funds. And I come to you, by email, to ask your assistance in however manner and to pass on this letter and spread the word. Thank you for helping me bring these kids the opportunity. Theyare so grateful to you for your support and so am I, appreciative of anything you can give.

Blessings always,Ed Formoso

PS: you can read more about the project by visiting the main website of the tournament at
http://www.homelessworldcup.org/ or read our diaries which i write at http://www.pinoysoccer.com/.

For all who would like to donate, please email me directly theformosoway@yahoo.com or call me at 0915-991-9042.

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