Since the missus and I started dating, most of the enjoyable dates we had were unplanned. Take for example that office lunch-out at Josephine's Tagaytay when we were still with Globe. THAT was really spontaneous.

Last Saturday morning I had to bring up my Mom to DAP Tagaytay for her to attend a conference. Seizing the opportunity to eat at Breakfast At Antonio's, the missus and my boy joined in.

So from New Manila we drove to Makati to pick up one of my sisters then to Paranaque to pick up my Mom and then straight to Tagaytay. My Mom will be done by 3pm so the plan was for us to go down to Paranaque, rest for 2hrs and then drive all the way back up to Tagaytay.

I suddenly remembered that the SLEX is a driver's nightmare every Saturday afternoon. Since we were already near Batangas, I just thought, "Hmmm, we can go to Nasugbu?!"

A great idea it was indeed. We proceeded to drive from Tagaytay to Nasugbu and found our temporary paradise: Munting Buhangin.

Munting Buhangin is a memorable resort for me. It was back then in college when our class decided to have our outing there. The road was not yet developed then so it felt like forever before we reached the resort. We pitched our tent and cooked tuna and sardines with rice for our meals. That was around 1991 or 92 I think.

Well, Munting Buhangin has developed since then. But the beach was still the same. It's not Boracay or Bohol, but for that Saturday wherein I had just come from a week of stress, seeing the water was just too invting to not resist.

We didn't bring any towel nor swimming gear nor suntan lotion nor even soap. But seeing my boy by the shore looking at the refreshing clear water saying "Want to swim" made my heart melt. So, I went over to the resort store and bought myself a pair of swimming shorts (P250) and a towel (P250). With my boy wearing only his pajama shorts, we were off to the water!

It was truly the relaxing 1.5 hrs of swim that I needed. The water was warm near the shore but as you go further out the water seemed to become cool. It was a joy seeing my boy with his undescribeable laugh as he splashed his hands through the water as the smooth waves lifted him slightly.

The missus, being pregnant, wasn't able to swim due to the hot sun and no swim gear so she just had to watch us from the free cottage that we used (free since we only stayed for a couple of hours which the resort personnel gladly gave). My sister had an extra pair of shorts but I forgot she was a woman when I told her, "Tanggalin mo na lang undies mo tapos magshorts ka na lang!" since there were a lot of women swimming with t-shirts and bra on. I forgot my sis needed an extra shirt, hehe. So it was just my boy and I who enjoyed the Batangas beach.

It was 1pm so we had to leave this paradise and drive back again to Tagaytay to get my Mom. It was a great biglaan trip. Something that the missus would've texted her Mom, "You'll never guess where we are now."

Yup, sometimes the best plan is no plan at all.

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