Knocked Up

Katherine Heigl is just beautiful. Cute story. Nice film.


Anonymous said...

I saw this movie. I don't think this will happen in real life. Someone like Seth Rogan bagging Katherine Heigl.


Fantasy life. Who knows though?

Gimmick time na with INIT GANG! Those were the days. Oh if I only knew the things I know now. Perhaps it is possible to get a girl that is above and beyond your level. I remember going to Libis with Necio and the others one time, and Ray smoothly introduced himself to a group of really hot women. Galing eh. Pero wala naman nangyari yata after that. I guess ok din yung bar scene a few years ago where you can actually meet good looking girls. I guess being a 30+ something and semi successful and financially stable would be a big confidence booster. You know what I'm saying?

-The Vanguard

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe...gimik na yan! :D

gourmandtales said...

funny movie.. lovely girl...