Chi's Brick Oven Kitchen

Chi's Brick Oven Kitchen is a quaint resto located inside BF Homes, Paranaque City. I found this place by accident while I was browsing clickthecity.com some weeks back. From the reviews there, it was definitely a must-eat place to be so we grabbed the chance last Sunday afternoon when my boy was staying at my parents' place in Paranaque.

The place is quite nice and quaint since it was considerate of having a smoking and non-smoking section and a small area for kids to play with which includes a small blackboard and a three-row open cabinet of toys.

At the very end of the Chi's is a brickstone oven which is slightly elevated from the patron tables.

And now for the food. We started off with the Clam Chowder (P100) which was housed inside a big pandesal. It had a cheesy flavor to it pero bitin, considering that the missus and I shared one soup. Nevertheless, it tasted good.
Since it was a late-lunch, early-merienda, we only ordered the Chicken Calzone. THIS was very delicious, with every molecule of the melted mozzarella cheese savored gently with the calzone crust.

We capped off our stay with White Chocolate Strawberry Madness. This was delectably sumptous as well.

Chi's is definitely a great find.

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