The Goal & The Plan

January's a time for resolutions. They are often crafted but not carried out. In my continued quest to lose weight, I am going to concretize that goal by writing it on this blog.

So, here I go.

The Goal: To lose 20lbs by December 2009.

The Plan. This will entail following a set of rules that I must (MUST!) follow:

1. Get regular 30min or 3-4km workouts on my threadmill at least 4x a week
2. Weight-training should be followed by rule 1.
3. Play other sports whenever possible (basketball, badminton, football(?), etc.)
4. Reduce daily rice intake by 50-75%
5. Eat fish instead of meat whenever both are available
6. Stay away from softdrinks
7. Eat nuts for merienda instead of going down the mall to buy something else
8. Follow Paul Mckenna's 4 basic rules:
a. When you're hungry, go and eat!
b. Eat what you want!
c. Eat consciously!
d. When you're full, stop eating!

Let's see how this goes.

Applause naman dyan!

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