Nurse-ko-'day and Manong

A beautiful sunrise had greeted us as I wheeled the missus from our 10th floor room going to the elevator that led to the Huggery. A few minutes ago our sleep was awakened by the room phone signalling to us that Matteo is desperately hungry for milk, as heard in the background on the other line while the nurse told us if the missus can go down already.

The missus is inside the Huggery now, feeding our newborn Matteo. A few hours from now, we'll be on the road going home to have Lucas and Matteo together in the same room for the first time.

Let me just say that I'm grateful for all the staff here at Asian Hospital who've given us that trademark Filipino service-with-a-smile hospitality.

The missus is thankful as well to one of the nurses whom I've privately nicknamed "nurse-ko-'day."

Nurse-ko-'day was quite memorable since she was the one who gave the missus a spa-treatment-like bath on the hospital bed during the first day after the C-section. She was really great in the sense that she was very pro about shampooing and sponging the missus. It was at this moment of relaxation when we heard a faint knock on the door. It turned out to be a nun who was distributing communion to the patients. It was a Sunday so since the missus can't go down to the chapel yet, she agreed to have the communion then and there.

So imagine the missus, lying on the bed, being shampooed away by nurse-ko-'day and the nun saying the prayer before communion with the missus. Would it be wrong to call that moment a "spiritual relaxation?" Hehe.

Of course nurse-ko-'day realized a few seconds later that this was a divine moment so she had to stop the shampooing for a while. So, the missus, with Rejoice shampoo bubbles on her hair, opened her mouth to receive communion. Nurse-ko-'day immediately returned to her hair duties.

Another personality here is Manong. Manong is literally service-with-a-smile incarnate. He looks like a well-groomed, more handsome version of Apeng Daldal. He delivers the food trays to our room about 5 times a day. The food would always arrive with Manong's patented smile. "Heto na po lunch nyo mam," he would say, even if the lunch contained only bland soup and a gelatin since the missus was on liquid diet initially after the CS.

I was kidding the missus this morning when I was wrapping the paha around her waist. What if Manong suddenly comes in with the breakfast tray and sees her with her post-op belly?

"Mam heto na po yung breakfast nyo....ay taba!" Hehe.

All in all, the service here is excellent. Btw, I forgot to mention that last night we were given a romantic candlelit dinner at the doctors' lounge, with food from Makati Skyline. It was complete with red wine and a 4-meal course. It was great although I'm not sure if they will offer a steak-dinner for other types of post-ops like triple-bypass or angioplasty.

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