Someone's joining the family tomorrow

After several months of being pregnant, the missus is finally relieved (and nervous at the same time) that my second boy is coming out tomorrow evening. We are currently preparing the stuff to bring in our two (or 3) night stay at the Asian Hospital so everything has to be checked. I'm responsible for all the eletronic gadgets, i.e. videocam, digicam, laptop, usb broadband, earphones, headphones, cellphone charger, and everything else that needs AC or DC power. Among the stuff being put into the bags and backpacks, the missus and I just light up with our "Oooaaahhh" smile as we prepare our second boy's things: a bunch of tie-up baby shirts and a pack of these cute cute (cute!) extra-small diapers. Haaay, I can't wait until I see him tomorrow evening. The missus is still praying for a miracle that she hopes that he will look like her. But, based from my first boy's (good) looks, she doesn't have a chance. Only heaven knows how he'll look like.

We're excited as well for our panganay since he'll soon have a playmate. He'll be a kuya, like me. I hope he'll grow up to be a good one. Tonight is his last night as our only boy, so he might be sleeping between us tonight.

So, we'll get back to our packing. My boy is right here beside me now repeatedly asking me to open the diaper package for his brother to see if it will be a good fit.

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