Zoom Kobe IV

During my office lunch break I try to make it a point to window-shop at the Nike and Adidas sports shops. Last week, I was amazed to find the latest Kobe shoe: the Nike Zoom Kobe IV.

Today I dropped by again at Nike to see and hold it but I was taken aback when I saw that the pedestal where the shoe used to sit was empty. I approached one of the sales personnel and he said:

Sir, it's all out of stock.

How about in the other Nike stores?

Out of stock na din po. Naubos lahat due to early reservations.

Any chance they'll ship out a new batch?

Wala na po. Baka ibang model na po padadala.

How much did it cost?

P7,000 a pair.

Sigh. It was a very nice pair that I've come to appreciate much like the Air Jordan XI. But price is really the ultimate drawback, especially for a family man like me. Siguro ipon pa ng Citibank Rewards so I can exchange it for Nike GCs. Hehe, but that'll take some time. Hopefully there'll be a similar shoe as the XI or the IV when I've got the purchasing power.

But for now, I'll still stick it out with my 2-yr old Nike Uptempo Legend which btw I wore in our practice last night wherein I converted six wonderful 3-pointers and a fanciful teardrop drive to the basket.

Pero, sigh, ang ganda nung Zoom Kobe IV.

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