Meralco Stocks

If you had P3,600.00 last June 2008 and bought 100 stocks of Meralco (MER) at P36.00/stock (plus necessary charges/taxes of course), by today (Feb 19, 2009) your original investment of P3,600.00 would've ballooned to P8,800.00. That's a hefty profit!

Such is the "game" of stock-investing. If you play your cards right, you'll win! I think the important thing here is to know the right stocks to invest in. Specifically, I suggest you invest in those companies that have products that are always in steady demand (Meralco, SanMig Beer) and those whose industry you're very familiar of. In my case, that would be PLDT and Globe.

I hope the current economic crisis that we're in improves soon. So that stocks will go up, and we'll all be happy (investors) again.

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