Had a long weekend (Fri-Sun) last week due to a night system activity which I had to attend. The weekend was filled with pizzas, pasta, and Owa's special killer bulalo (which none has dared beat). I was at 176lbs Saturday morning so, in a state of panic, I hopped onto my treadmill for a 4km run. Sunday morning I ran 4km again.

I've dropped to 175.2lbs as of this morning but still it's a long way from the 173.8lbs that I achieved last Feb19.

Sigh, buti weekday na uli. So I'm back to my wheat-bread peanut butter breakfast and snacks. Btw, I hope to run more this week thanks to my sister's mp3 which I heard yesterday: "Insomnia" by Craig David.

Kewl song!

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