The Masked Runner

Anybody know this guy? I saw him at the Slimmerun last Saturday stretching out during the cool down after the race. This is actually the 2nd time I saw him, previously seeing him a year ago at the UP Ikot walking by his lonesome around the famed oval. Spooky. That was when the missus and I went to her old campus to find out if the famed fishballs are still there to our detriment.

The guy looks creepy, but I bet he's a good runner. Probably the costume is something that he wants to wear to release his dark side.

Btw, my mind is back and forth thinking if I should run again this Sunday: Step Up For A Cause 5k c/o Q-TV. My original goal is to participate in a race once a month, probably running the 5k for 5 months before I step up to the 10k level.

Oh well, if you don't see me at The Fort on Sunday morning, then I would probably be in UP Ikot running with my officemates in preparation for the company's May17 Fun Run. Who knows, I might be running (literally) into the Masked Runner again.


MJ said...

I call him Zorro. He's a permanent fixture (I think) in races at UP. But even when there aren't any races there, he sometimes is still at UP on Sunday mornings. I have never seen him run. As far as I know, he just stands there and poses.

daytripper said...

Ahhh so that's what the "Z" symbols are for. Hehe.