Step Up For a Cause 5k

By Thursday morning I was already decided not to run for the above event on Apr26. However, MP handed me his registration form and, since I lived near the GMA network office, asked me to register him and his friends. 

It was too hard to resist. Ahhhgghhh. I finally succumbed to my new addiction and printed out a registration form for myself. By lunchtime I was at the GMA office to register MP for the 10k ---and myself for the 5k. 150 bucks. Not bad seeing that the racebib has a barcode marker which looked promising since the Condurarun had a barcode monitor as well.

So, I'll be waking up early tomorrow for my 3rd 5k run in over a month. Btw, the Slimmerun 5k official results just came in. My official time was 31:02 and finished #150 out of 450 5k runners. Still, an improvement from my Condurarun which was at 33:50.

I wish the missus could join me (who btw is starting to train via 30-45min walks on the treadmill regularly) in tomorrow's run since there COULD BE a few showbiz personalities from the Kapuso network running although the missus, a Kapamilya, said, "Malamang hindi ko naman makikilala karamihan dun" since she watches ABSCBN more often. Never the less, I'll bring my trusty ol' digicam in case I need to be a paparazzi on the run, hehe.

I could only imagine if Mike Enriquez ran and, if I overtake him, he would shout out and say:

"Hindi kita tatantanaaan!!!"

So, as in the Slimmerun, I hope to finish faster (below 30mins sana) before I move up to the 10k races.

Wish me luck!

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