3 Years

I invited 3 of my engineers earlier for lunch at Sbarro Megamall. Italian has been the flavor of the week so far (yesterday it was at Joey Pepperoni) and Sbarro didn't disappoint.

One of them asked me about what countries I've been in and the jobs I've been in. I told them I started off at Alcatel (3yrs), then Globe (3yrs), then Nokia (4.5mos), to Maxis (3.5yrs), until I ended up here at my current job (3.5yrs currently).

As I relayed this info them, we all realized that I'm almost averaging 3yrs on every career move. I'm a family man now and working abroad might be a far-fetched idea, but I get that giddy feeling that what if I get to move jobs again? I get more giddy when the news that 2 of my ex-Maxis officemates have moved back to Malaysia. They all seem to be second-guessing if I'll follow suit. It's really funny and exciting at the same time to think that what if that happens?

3 years. The story of my (career) life.

But, I won't know what'll happen for sure be it a month from now or a year from now. I'll take it one day at a time. Besides, despite the occasional pressures, I love the current Company that I'm in. Further, iba pa rin ang manatili sa sariling bayan.

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