Feb14 2010 Date

The missus and I went on a yacht cruise again to celebrate Valentine's Day. Actually, the cruise was on the 13th but what the hey, it's still Valentine's weekend.

It was a different group this time (not Realship which we went to last year) and it's hard not to compare this with last year's cruise:

  1. 2010 was earlier, i.e. Sunset cruise. 2009 was an evening cruise
  2. 2010 had a buffet dinner while 2009 had a 5-course meal promptly prepared by a pro chef
  3. 2009 had a string quartet playing love songs while 2010 had an ipod plugged to the yacht sound system playing chill-out music

The definite edge of this year's cruise was the sunset, which the missus had been anticipating to witness for quite a while now.

It's interesting to note that one of our dates before the missus answered me in the year 2000 was on a boat cruise in Manila Bay as well (the more-affordable kind). We enjoyed the sunset there as well. Afterwards, we proceeded to Sofitel for coffee, which was how we ended up coincidentally this year.

The yacht cruise costs P2,000.00/person. Quite expensive but if you compare it with hotel dinners you'd practically end up spending the same amount. The plus-side here is obviously the romance the cruise brings.

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