What to give up this Lent?

I'm finding it hard to think about what to give up or sacrifice this Lent. It started last week on Ash Wednesday and still I haven't really fully-decided. Here are some that entered my mind so far:

  1. No Twitter/Facebook. This is doable. However, how do I disable the email alerts?

  2. Don't access takbo.ph. You know how much I love running. This website has helped me a lot in knowing the upcoming races/events and latest posts by my favorite running blogs. I've been browsing this site almost 5-10x/day. I have not been browsing this site since Ash Wed though. Reaaaaaally testing my will power right now.

  3. Don't run during Lent. Now, this is debatable. Lent means sacrificing something you love to do, mostly associated with eating, drinking, partying, etc. Running is something I love to do. However, when I run I get tired, even being at pain right after. Since Lent also means penitence, does running fall as something we need to do in order to be "one" with the Lord's suffering? Well, I'd still give up running for a few weeks since I need to rest my knees. It's been aching most of the time now. Probably runner's knee. Ice and rest lang siguro kelangan.

  4. Give up drinking Coke/Pepsi. This looks easy, although most of the meals/lunches I order come along with drinks being value meals. I have to remind myself constantly that, when I order, I should give up the soda. Pero, parang kulang ang value meal without Coke. Huhu.

  5. Give up rice during dinner. This has a two-fold effect: I sacrifice during Lent and at the same time reduce/control my weight, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. Same as item 4, I have to constantly remind myself not to forget to give up rice.

Well, that's about what I have on my plate.

I'd really have to get this sacrifice thing started.


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