The Kris Aquino Complex

It was on a lazy Sunday afternoon when my fiction-writer sister coined the famous personality of this term after Kris, yet again, made the missus utter "Ay nako" after a segment in yesterday's The Buzz. The segment was about Toni Rose Gayda's son's untimely death and, amazingly as it may seem, Kris was able to link the subject to her own life ---yet again.

Curious to find a definition, I was surprised to find "The Kris Aquino Complex" well-described in the internet via a forum discussion as early as January 2008. And, I quote:

  • A psychosis, named after the second-rate actress
  • Attributed to disturbed and untalented people who have the need to be the focus of everyone's attention by dropping their two-cents worth on any hot issue, then proceeds to connect it to their life and go on bantering about themselves in public limelight
Such has been what the missus has been seeing every week of Kris. Along with Claudine Barretto, Kris Aquino is part of the missus' special circle whom she just loves to hate watching on the tube.

Yup, either you love her or hate her, you will find yourself unknowingly glued to the TV screen, awaiting for the next "famous" episode that will surely make her brother proud.


elyss said...

Nyeh. I didn't coin the term. It's been existing nuon pa. I think a bunch of my writer-friends coined it themselves, and then made an online anthology called, yep "The Kris Aquino Complex". I think they've put it down already.

daytripper1021 said...

Ah ok. thanks for clarifying. :)