On Charity

Seeing another initiative from an online community to share a day with disfortunate children, I was reminded again by a thought the missus mentioned sometime back about a similar encounter she experienced years back.

Spending a day is therapy both for the giver and recipient. For the giver, it makes him appreciate what he has and how lucky he is. For the recipient, it's a sumptuous meal, toys/gifts, a few games, and a friend for the day. At least for this day, it is different.

But what happens when the day is over? The giver goes back to his house/family and he sleeps comfortably in his comfortable normal life. Everything is just the way it is, but with an extra thought that he's lucky to be where he is. In a year or two he will probably forget the name of the recipient he met that day.

For the recipient, he goes back to the orphanage/shelter with the same people in his predicament, mostly the abandoned. He sleeps soundly, for today was a great day. But there is a small part that wonders when will such a great day happen again. Or, for some minute possibility, when will his giver whom he'll still remember the name for a long time, come back.

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