Som's Noodle House

The missus and I had the chance last night to try out Som's Noodle House located just outside the Mandaluyong Municipal Hall Circle. The last time we had authentic Thai food was probably when we were living in Malaysia. Thus, we had an idea on what we're expecting when we entered Som's.

Here's what we ordered:

Tom Yam w/ Noodles (not as spicy as the missus hoped)

Bagoong Rice (yummeh!)

Pandan Chicken (nice!)

Shrimp Cakes (kakaiba)

The Tom Yam, as mentioned above, didn't taste as spicy as the Tom Yam the missus normally had in Malaysia. Hence, this led us to think that probably the Thai food at Som's had been "Filipinized" to cater to our taste buds.

The average Pinoy taste normally includes Chinese, Filipino, Italian, and Japanese cuisine when deciding where to dine out. Thai food is normally a once-in-a-long-while option. For Som's, the food was great as it was fairly-priced. However, the missus and I have no plans of coming back there anytime soon. Probably we'd go back after 6 months, just to say that we've eaten Thai food.

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