Fr. Adlib

He seems to be in love with his voice, I thought. The normal 1-hour anticipated-Mass last Saturday ended up past 7pm again. The priest's sermon (and his adlib-ing on some parts) took most of the time, ending our Mass at 7:20pm.

I don't mind the long Mass time, mind you. But if there's truth that the human brain can only retain 10% of the average speech, then Fr. Adlib went overboard ---again. It would've been better if the sermon was interesting but it seemed more enjoyable for him rather than for us.

He should learn that sermons should be "short but sweet" whenever possible. If the sermon needs to be long, then it should be written in advance, not blabbered endlessly until he doesn't realize that he's way way waaaaay off-topic already.

Again, I'm ok with a lengthy Mass as long as the priest doesn't talk too much on his sermon.

Hmmm, I guess I'll mail him.

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