It was one of those nights that we wanted to try something new at the Tomas Morato area. Since we've eaten at most of the places there, it was only a matter of time that we decided to explore Icings.

The ambience was bright and cozy. We loved our first trip so much that we went there weeks after. Below is a run-down of the food we ate for those two trips:

The seafood chowder was mighty excellent. Loved that crispy bread.

This is no doubt my favorite, Grilled Vegetable Salad with Shoyu Vinaigrette. Ang sarap grabeh!

On my first trip I tried the Aloha Locco(?) (sorry I'm not sure of the name). This was very delicious as well.

On our second trip, I tried the Massaman Beef Curry. This was mighty spicy! Too much for me.

For the missus, for the two trips she ordered the Ziti and the Fish n Chips. Both tasted well too.

This was what the missus had ordered for dessert: the mini walnut cake. She has a thing for walnut cakes. Hmmm, she must've been missing the maple-walnut ice cream that she often eats in Malaysia.

All in all, Icings is a great place to eat. It's one of those "maiba naman tayo" places to get you away from the default Japanese, Persian, Italian, and Native restaurants. It's a great place to hang out too as evidenced by Lucas below.

Oh I almost forgot. One of Icings specialties is the Ostrich Burger. I haven't tried it but many here on the 'net who've tasted it say it tastes better than beef. Hmmm, probably on my next visit....

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