Of Christmas Party Performances

I was cringing earlier as I was downloading, of all things, BackStreet Boys' mp3s. Unless I was getting paid for every BSB mp3 I download, this was the last thing I wanted to download from the ever-free internet. Quit Playing Games, Show me the meaning of being Lonely, and I Want It That Way. These songs are very familiar for they've passed me years ago via the radio when I was riding a bus or jeep, or caught a glimpse while my sisters were watching Channel V or MTV.

For good measure, I also downloaded Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry" to cap up my planned dance remix. Yes, it's a Korean dance hit. Here it is in case you don't know:

The reason for downloading these songs is that I've been assigned, get this, to make sure that the seniors of our department participate in the forthcoming Department Christmas party on Monday. I believe I'm the youngest of the lot, with the others ranging from 40-45 years old.

I doubt if they could recall BSB's songs, but I think they'd definitely had an opportunity to watch the Kanto Boys on ASAP XV in one Sunday or another.

Yup, that's what we'll be doing (assuming there'll be no rheumatism or gout attacks during practice). The performance is not really to kick-ass and dance like the Jabawockeez or those contestants from those group dance shows in the US or UK. We'll just try to practice to dance jokingly serious to put a smile or laugh to our peers' faces. Imagine that time when you were laughing with tears in your eyes as you watched your senior managers, AVPs or up performing during your Christmas party?

I guess I'm part of that group now.

I just pray to the heavens above that our would-be performance does not end up in YouTube or worse, the evening news.

And yes, you too will grow old.

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