And so, I write again

As suggested by the missus, I browsed a few of my past blogposts, particularly written in 2005. Posts like this and this. They were mostly written when I was still working in Malaysia with the missus in tow and no kids yet. Life was easy back then. The biggest "crisis" we'd ever had was where/what to eat for lunch or dinner (except, of course, Sunday lunch wherein it's predominantly occupied by Klang Bah Ku Teh followed by that delicious cold dessert in which its name escapes me now). The missus' only untoward incident was that of the scary animal that entered our house which turned out to be the tilapia that was looking AT HER while she was trying to remove its innards prior to frying it for dinner.

I find it amazing, for my standard, how well-written the blogposts from my years in Malaysia came to be. It was witty, funny, and oh, did I say witty? Probably the stresses of this workplace that I've moved into since July 2006 had eroded my writing skills to mere objective phrases that are mostly required in office emails. I may have simply lost the art of writing. My English professor from 2nd year college, who'd ask DAILY for essays, could be disgusted if she sees how dormant this blog and how low my level of creative(?) writing has been.

My writing has been preoccupied with my other blog which is on running. I love running. As that New Balance ad said, running saves me from all the stresses in life. And it helps, really, to put things into perspective. It helps me relax (yes, even on those hard running workouts) and be prepared for the stresses at work (a side note: people here in the office really drive me nuts!). But there is not much to tell. It's mostly about I ran here, I ran there, I ran this long, and oh, I'll be running here or there. Too bad my weight (165lbs) had not descended from some time now (although I lost 11lbs since Malaysia based on my old blogposts).

But again, I love to run. But that's probably all there's to it.

In terms of blogging my thoughts away from the hustle and bustle of this so-called life, it has never really happened for quite some time now (this is only my 30th blog for 2010 ---an all-time low in this blog's 5year existence). It is difficult to put myself into "the zone" and just let my fingers type according to my babbling mind (yes, my ears are plugged into Jim Chappell's piano music to keep me in that zone as I write this).

I will try to write here more often from now on. Precious memories that I've collected, especially of this loving group that is my family, needs to be written down. Yes my dear readers, you really need to meet my two boys. I'll write about them for sure but I don't know how their future girlfriends will take it (sorry boys! hehehe).

So, creative juices, flow....

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