Biggest Loser

Our office department's version of the Biggest Loser contest just ended this morning. Even with my persisent running regimen, I finished last, losing only 4lbs since Jun 22, even gained 0.8lbs since July 5. This just means that exercise alone will not solve my weight problems. Diet has to come in. Now.

Forget about the P500.00 bet that I lost. It's really time to shape up, especially since my goal is to see my kids grow up, and, if I'm lucky, see my grandchildren as well. I want me and wife to go around the world when we're old, too, so that should pretty much motivate me to get this thing going.

My target in dailymile.com is to have a weight below 160lbs by end of 2011. I'm now at 165lbs based on the bathroom scale.

Let's see how I'll do by December.

Wish me luck!

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