Being Hit By A Brick

Today, the world is saddened by the death of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. His creativity had helped evolve the way we digest digital information as it is now.

He will forever be missed.

Going thru the FB posts and Twitter tweets, I came along this video of him giving a commencement speech at Stanford University last 2005.

His 1st and 2nd stories particularly reminded me of a similar downward personal event in 2000 that somehow helped me to become successful as I am today. Though unlike Jobs wherein he made a decision on his own (1st story), that particular event in my life "hit me like a brick" out of nowhere and I had to make a decision then and there on whether to pick myself up and move on.

Looking back at that event, I'm glad that it happened and came to where I am now. As Steve Jobs said, it was impossible to connect the dots at the time, but it is clear to me as I look back at it now.

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