No, I didn't make a typo. I've learned a new Malay word yesterday when I received my 1st parking ticket ---ever. The missus and I went to McD for brunch so I parked in the usual spot. I never felt the need to pay for the 60-cents
(P8.40) parking ticket since I've always parked on that particular area regularly ---during weekends.

If I only had the presence of mind to realize that it was a Friday I would have gone to the parking meter. But the parking-police had a better way to carve the parking rule on my noggin':

Ah yes. 100 Ringgit for a kasalahan ("fault" in Malay). The most expensive McDonalds brunch that I've ever had with the missus.

Damn. I could've used the RM100 for a new pair of futsal shoes.

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