I was watching AI5 a couple of days back. Nope, I'm not a fan of the show coz it seems this year's crop of contestants are below par against last year's. It was because I heard from the missus that the guest for this week was the great Andrea Bocelli. I am truly amazed with his voice and the way he had blended with mainstream pop. But what truly amazed me was that he was blind. Actually, my ignoramous self didn't know he was blind until I saw him plugging the Olympics on TV. Yup, a real "duh!" moment for me. Andrea's a really amazing chap.

AI's other guest was David Foster.

I remember David Foster well. His CD, Rechordings, was one of my favourites back when I was still a skinny...

(Yes, I know. It's hard to believe that I was skinny but go along with me on this. Or ELSE I'll be uploading my pictures that'll make you believe that lack of exercise, especially walking, will make you fat!).

So, moving along:

...back when I was still a skinny fresh-grad working in Alcatel. Back then, before the days of mp3 players and Napster, I was switching between Kenny G, Jim Chappell, and David Foster cassette-tapes for my source of jazz-juice. It was a quenching respite from all the E-Heads, Gin Blossoms, and Yano that my ears were so accustomed to.

David Foster is an amazing songwriter. I'm glad he had put some of his greats into the CD as intrumentals.

Excuse me as I listen to the Rechordings album, reminiscing my 1997 skinny post-grad self, wondering what/where I will be 10 years from then:

"Me working abroad? Naaah! That's totally outta the question!"

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