I was able to download Google-Earth, a wonderful tool for all those who have nothing to do in the office. Hehe.

The missus frequently mentions na inaatake sya minsan pag namimiss nya ang Malaysia. I've stayed there for 3.5 years and frankly, I never had that "homesick-attack" since I left last July....

...until I saw Sunway again via Google-Earth (click on the pic to get the full view).


Nakakamiss nga.


breesmom said...

we use google earth all the time. You can evey see valley road. I use it as a supplement to yahoo maps or mapquest (to get a view of where to park, etc.)

mommy-p said...

Kami naman wikimapia. Here's the map for petaling jaya, kaso di k mahanap sunway.