The missus has been waiting all week for the opening of Krispy Kreme. Not even the winds of Reming deterred her from going to The Fort to queue up for a dozen. It was going to be this week, or else.

The shop itself wasn't easy to find. I knew that it was on The Fort, but didn't know where it was exactly. It was a good thing that there was a Krispy Kreme sign just right after the Adidas Sports Camp that pointed towards the direction of the Gonuts Donuts shop. We passed Gonuts Donuts but didn't see another sign of KK.

I turned around and followed a hunch that those 3 or 4 cars going to that small street *could be* lining up for KK.

As luck would have it, we found it ---the end of the queue that is. I told the missus and my sis to queue up as I parked the car. We spent around 10-15mins on the line before we managed to set foot on KK's doorstep, the missus filled with delight as we saw the machines process from dough to donut ---glazed, that is.

My sis had never tasted KK before so she was questioning the hype about it. As one of the crew served us a glazed sample as a simple thank-you for lining up for so long, my sis uttered something like, "I don't know what the fuss is all about..." as she took a bite.

Then, as she munched her first melt-in-your-mouth bite of KK, her world stopped for a moment:


She became a convert from then on.

The missus, on the other hand, was in a daze as she couldn't decide what combi should our first KK-dozen be: a dozen glazed? half glazed, half variety? 8 glazed, 4 variety?

It was a difficult choice, as if the store was only open for the day and will cease operation the next day.

She came to a decision: 8 glazed, 4 variety.

Within the next 24 hours, I, the missus, dadofbree, and the bugoys were able to consume the sumptuous dozen.

I guess we need to replenish again this weekend. ;-)


breesmom said...

si mommy hindi kumain?

mommy-p said...

hindi mo binanggit na kaya glazed si pau e dahil kay piolo.

daytripper said...

onga pala. Owwa had 1 glazed.

as for piolo, di sya ganung kagwapo para maisama sa blog. mas pogi pa si Lucas dun. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Not true!!! super gwapo si piolo!!! sabi nga ng katabi ko, mula mata, ilong, labi, lahat maganda. Selos lang si roelle kaya sinasabi nyang di gwapo yun.

-- the missus

Ninang Lieza said...

Kuya, kumbaga sa doughnut, isa kang bicho-bicho, at si Piolo ay isang Krispy Kreme..bwahahahahaha..

Got to taste glazed donut, ate elyss brought a dozen the other..hmm...di naman ganun kasarap ah? :P

christie said...


Next time di na ako magpapakahirap pumili ng alastres ng Lunes sa Fort para dalhan ko kayo ng Krispy Kremes!!!!!!!!!!