Dahil Sa 'Yo

Since traffic was building up at EDSA during my evening drive home, I decided to load up my USB-drive with Mp3s so that I can play it in the car. I already planned to setup "cool" sounding songs such as those of Jack Johnson, Orange and Lemons, and kick-in a little Sitti.

I visited multiply.com to get more songs but then "Harry Connick Jr." and "Nat King Cole" came into mind. I decided to erase the already-loaded "cool" songs from my USB and loaded up on these classics.

As I searched multiply.com I came across a great find: Nat King Cole singing one of our local songs when he held his concert in Manila sometime in the 1960s. Incidentally, Owa was among the crowd when she heard this piece.

So, without further adoo, here's the master, Nat King Cole, singing Dahil Sa 'Yo.

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