Making (ad)sense

About a month ago I came on a article on Google AdSense. The site is aimed at giving the user a chance to earn money from the sites/blogs that one publishes. The author mentioned that he was able to earn $1,000 from a short span since there were a lot of visitors to his site which btw is called Pinoy Money Talks, a site that introduces the would-be pinoy investor on how to build investments. The earnings he got was sent to him by Google thru Western Union which he found reliable.

Curious as I was, I registered for AdSense (which is free). I copy/pasted some of the advertising codes on my blogs and left it there until yesterday since I wasn't blogging too much at the time.

Yesterday, I was surprised to find my AdSense account:

Not bad since I wasn't really maintaining my blog for some time. If you'd like to do the same, you can register via Google-Adsense.

If you found this blog helpful, can you do me a favor? Maybe you could click on 1 or 2 of the ads here if it's alright with you. No need for you to buy anything. Just click on the ads.

Thanks in advance.

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