Let's Get Ready To Rumble!!!!

I was driving home late Friday evening when I noticed that there was a small traffic accumulated in the EDSA Santolan LRT area. It's 12:30am, it shouldn't be traffic, I said. It could've been another vehicular mishap or a DPWH construction, but it wasn't.

The small snarl of traffic was caused by a big 10x10m(?) Nike poster.

You just have to admire the effect of Pacquiao-mania. Once again, almost everyone will be glued to the TV and movie screens to watch Manny in his biggest (money) fight against Oscar Dela Hoya. The missus and I already have reserved seats at Robinsons Galleria to watch Sunday morning.

Hold on to your seats, for the next Pacman fight is about to start! Yeah!!!

Go Manny!!!!

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